We updated the demo on 7/12 to show the Basic set (HM+8), Signature, and complete set where you don’t give as insane deals and you present the pricing instead of the video and our average order went up from $264 to $332 with only about 10 of our representatives using it (their averages went to over $400).

On 7/25 we finished our tweaks and updated and really just made the demo more smooth, more concise and the flow is great. This demo rocks. Update and upgrade RIGHT NOW!

Link: https://slides.com/morrisvector

Reps calling Recs: We have a form for you that you can switch the old form out for that has a field at the top for rep email. If the customer enters your email the recs will be sent to you right when they submit the form! Just update the last slide so it has “Rep email: Your email” and change the link over to: https://www.morrismayhem.com/virtual-presentation-form/

If you need any help, let us know and we are here to help! Also reach out to a rep using these to go field training. This is going to be a HUGE level up opportunity for us as a team and a way we will elevate to finish the summer strong!

Here is me walking through some of the changes with the advanced training group from that week’s launch.