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All products are listed alphabetically by section:

1) Kitchen Knives, 2) Gadgets, 3) Kitchen Utensils, 4) Garden Tools, 5) Outdoor Knives
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· Also known as the filet (fil-LAY) knife

· It’s one of the sharpest knives we make

· It’s your daily raw meat knife, protein prep knife, and fajita/crock-pot knife

· Can easily take meat off the bone

· Twice as fast and easy to remove fat because there is no friction like a Double D edge

· If you eat meat, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it

· Fun Fact: perfect knife to prepare chicken for lettuce wraps (think, PF Changs)


· Also known as the raw meat processing knife or frozen food knife

· Save money by buying large quantity of meat and portioning it yourself

· For vegetarians and gardeners, this is the ultimate squash knife (even acorn squash)

· Has a curved blade and a flat head so you can rock it back-and-forth with both hands

· Uses: disjointing chicken, turkey, duck, squash, melons, and pineapple

· Great for watermelon and separating frozen burger patties in the summer

· Fun Fact: Came out in 1940s and originally made for farmers


· Also known as the holiday carving knife and your summer BBQ knife

· Curved blade allows you to maneuver in different directions

· Uses: hams, turkey, briskets, and roasts made in the crock-pot

· Pair with the Carving Fork for a master carving set

· Great gift for anyone with electric knife (our is sharper, less messy, and guaranteed forever)


· Also known as an oversized Trimmer

· Year round chicken and pineapple knife

· Uses: medium roasts, cooked chicken, ham, gigantic tomatoes or oranges

· Perfect for all foods the size of a softball

· Save money by cutting and slicing your own food (turkey, roasts, pineapple)


· Also known as the bacon fork, grandma fork, and must have fork

· Pairs with Carver for perfect carving set

· Excellent at grabbing and holding so meat won’t drop or move

· 100lb torque test – won’t bend or break

· Use it with the Turning Fork (the other Cutco fork) to transport large meat

· Perfect for shredding chicken or pulling pork

· Fun Fact: fork is off centered so when you poke into meat, like bacon, it’ll hold


· One of the most popular knives we’ve ever made in our 70+ year history

· Some people buy it in red so they can easily find it in their knife block

· Look past the name if you don’t eat cheese: it’s an all-purpose knife good for anything sticky, starchy, or squishy

· The holes are so sticky, starchy, and squishy things don’t stick to the blade

· Same size and length as Trimmer but has twice as many teeth and with holes (Micro-D edge)

· Also known as the forever knife, world’s sharpest knife, bar knife, and non-stick knife

· Good for cheese as hard as frozen parmesan or as soft as Velveeta

· Flat curved tip serves as a spreader

· Uses: avocados, tomatoes, apples, onions, butter, and anything else that’s soft

· Fun Fact: many say it’s the hole-y knife & you should only use it on Sundays (sorry, cheesy joke!) 🙂


· See ‘Cheese Knife, Original’ for more info

· Santoku version is the only cheese knife with a tip, you can drag it as you cut

· High knuckle clearance so you can chop

· Great for lemons, limes, and mixed drinks

· Great gift for wine lovers

· Fun Fact: you can open a beer or soda with the knife hole


· See ‘Cheese Knife, Original’ for more info

· Made because customers demanded it

· Baby version of the original

· Great to leave on display with cutting board or cheese board

· Same size handle as the paring knife


· Also known as celebrity chef knife and gourmet executive chef knife

· Biggest size chopper that Cutco makes that can power through hard veggies

· Uses: celery, carrots, onions, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, herbs, and garnishes

· Every kitchen needs a chef knife – the only question is ‘longer’ or ‘shorter?’

· Great potato knife – does the entire job because it has the length, width, and power


· Also known as the work horse. Most trusted chopper for all produce prep

· Great for the 6 S’s: soup, salad, stir fry, stew, stuffing, and salsa

· French style has been around for generations – used for all veggies, nuts, lettuce, garlic

· Great for chopping, dicing, mincing, and julienning (cutting into thin strips)

· Fun Fact: straight edges are for hard foods; double-d edge is for soft foods – kitchens need both


· Customers joke that this is the home protection knife

· 2 pounds of American made muscle: heaviest knife Cutco makes

· Uses: split ribs, smash whole chicken, cut through a hard-shelled coconut, remove fish heads

· Use the back of the blade to pound and tenderize meat

· Known as the spare tire – you’re not going to use it every day, but when you need it, you’ll be so glad you have it


· Chef knife with serrated edge


· Also known as Trimmer on steroids, BBQ knife, man knife, and grill knife

· 3x as thick as trimmer with double sized handle

· Can chop and hack through any type of meat

· Uses: thick foods, deep freezer sausage or deer meat, salami, sausage, big tomatoes, oranges,

· A new and improved cleaver with the Double D edge

· Weight, power, and serrations hold up through bones

· Year round and week-to-week cleaver that takes years to dull (Forever Guarantee when it does)


· Also known as the air knife because it’s typically used in air

· The most basic and practical knife for cooks and non-cooks

· We make several different versions based on cutting preference (this one is the most standard)

· Perfect for anything smaller than a golf ball: peeling potatoes, strawberries, kiwis

· Coring apples and pears. Pitting cherries and grapes

· Fun Fact: it’s 100% guaranteed for people that use it as a screwdriver


· Also known as the mom knife, grandma knife, or perfect sized fruit knife

· One of the highest rated knives on Cutco’s website – only one bad review from a guy who didn’t realize the Forever Guarantee didn’t cover him losing it

· If you ever break the tip, the Forever Guarantee will cover a replacement (the tips never break with standard use, but customers have used this knife for everything)

· Perfect for anything smaller than a baseball

· Uses: cherry tomatoes, fruits, and veggies more: see ‘Paring Knife, Original’

· Quarter or cube fruit easily for smoothies – mangoes, apples, peaches, plums, pears


· Chef’s style – great for anyone who aspires to be a chef or is in culinary school

· An elevated paring knife – stays sharper twice as long because you cut in the air. The only thing that ever touches the cutting board is the tip

· Great for celery so you don’t get tough strings that stick in teeth

· 20% more surface area for peeling

· Uses: peeling shrimp, flute strawberries, garnishing

· Fun Fact: resorts use a Birds Beak Paring Knife to make their gorgeous food displays


· Newest members of Paring Knife family

· If you love the Trimmer, you’ll love this

· More of a slicing paring knife versus a peeling paring knife (but you can still peel)

· Wider blade than a standard paring knife

· Fun Fact: the paring knives have a concave grind on the blade which prevents food from sticking


· 4th child in Paring Knife family: babySantoku

· Mini chopper

· Perfect for people scared of big chopping knife or people who have big-knife-phobia

· Uses: herbs, garlic, slicing peppers and taking seeds out


· Thin slicer knife (that’s also exceptionally light)

· Look past the name if you don’t eat salmon: perfect melon rind remover

· Most flexible knife Cutco makes

· Uses: delicate fillets, cured salmon or fish, roast beef slices like Arbys

· Watermelon knife-of-the-year

· Fun Fact: you can slice a grape up to 10 times with this knife


· Also known as Gordon Ramsey knife or Bobby Flay knife

· Japanese inspired – a fantastic all-purpose knife

· Even weight distribution makes it easier to chop, rock, and slice

· Some people prefer this shape to the traditional ‘chef knife shape’

· Many of our sets come with both because choppers are used daily

· Uses: big onions, peppers, or vegetables

· Fun Fact: Santoku means “3-in-1” (chop, rock, slice)

SANTOKU, 5” (san-TOE-ku)

· One of our most comfortable and versatile knives: not too big or small

· Great to chop, dice, mince (like the original), but…

· Not intimidating and feels like an extension of your hand

· Great for traveling, vacation homes, or RVs

· Fun Fact: monograms well for gifts


· Hybrid knife of Santoku & Carver

· Modern style gives you best of both worlds

· Uses: bread, cooked meat, pineapple,

· Concave grind – and an option to make the edge straight instead of Double D

· Fun Fact: Many consider this to be Cutco’s version of a sushi knife

Smooth edge option: great for meat, brisket, homemade jerky, sushi knife, crock pot knife

SANTOKU, 10” CARVER (san-TOE-ku)

· Also known as BBQ knife and grill master knife

· Great for catering and smoking meat (attention Traeger or green egg lovers!)

· Fat and wide so rests up against meat, allowing it to fall off instead of rip / tear

· Fun Fact: this is what you see being used at cutting stations in high-end buffets


· This is the original bread knife that CUTCO has been selling for over 70 years.

· Uses: French bread, Italian bread, hard and soft crust

· Also a great birthday cake knife, since it’s nearly ten inches long

· Can also be used for slicing leftover ham and turkey into cold-cuts (for sandwiches)


· Same feel as the slicer but for smaller items (it’s 2 inches shorter than the original)

· Uses: baguette, banana bread, croutons, bagels, and thick sandwiches

· Great to leave on cutting board for parties – ultimate entertaining knife

· Fun Fact: café or sandwich owners can use this to measure and cut subs


· Also known as the sandwich maker

· For example, making a chicken sandwich: slice chicken, spread mayo, cut sandwich in half

· Uses: sandwiches, paninis, pies, cakes, lasagna, casseroles, PB&J, spreading hummus or pesto, avocado cutting/pitting, multi-function for brownies, can take items off grill and then cut them

· Engraves well because of the large blade and extremely easy to clean

· Necessary for people that host a lot – allow guests to cut, spread, and serve

· Fun Fact: also can be used as a mirror & a musical instrument J


· Also known as the Texas-sized knife, restaurant knife, and the real Cutco steak knife

· Great for people with bigger hands, steak lovers, people who like to BBQ

· Great comparison: car (table knife) vs. truck (steak knife)

  • A car can take you anywhere
  • But a truck is bigger, more fun, and a cooler experience

· Other uses:

  • Protein: chicken, pork chops, duck, lamb, sausages, small Italian sausage
  • Veggies & sides: baked potatoes, corn off-the-cob, carrots, broccoli
  • Great knife for multiple food groups on your dinner plate

· Steak knives also engrave well (2 lines, 15 characters per line)

· Fun Fact: Cutco created the steak knife after serious steak lovers said the table knife was too wimpy! Ha. Even though you’ll want to, Cutco discourages bringing this knife along with you to restaurants 🙂

TABLE KNIFE (3x per day)

· The #1 selling Cutco knife of-all-time

· Looks wimpy but cuts amazing and lasts forever

· It’s a butter knife on steroids, an everyday knife that you bring to the table 3 times per day

· A timeless knife that anybody can use & handle (and safe – no sharp tip like our steak knives)

· Versatile: all meats, all veggies on salad, any food you can’t cut with a fork

· Can be made out of stainless steel to match the stainless forks and spoons

· Fun Fact: sold in sets of 4, 6, 8, or 12 as gifts. These come with felt gift-boxes and the blade can be engraved (2 lines total, 12 characters per line)

Stainless Version: higher end option that is weighted, and complements forks & spoons


· Also known as the old faithful, the original, the work horse, the most trusted utility knife

· #1 Cutco selling utility knife of-all-time

· Cutting with it is like an extension of your hand

· Uses: tomatoes, limes, lemons, cooked chicken or steak, corn off cob, broccoli off the stem, canning, and most any prep-work

· Fun Fact: this is our top seller for gifts, 2nd homes, & wedding presents


· Perfect complement to the trimmer (which is frequently found in the dishwasher)

· Most versatile Cutco knife under $100

· Can customize the knife with either a straight edge or a Double D edge

· Uses (Double D edge): small ham, chicken or steak slices, soft squishy citrus things, food with seeds

· Uses (Smooth edge): dense things like potato, sweet potato, onion, apple, small raw meat

· Fun Fact: front teeth won’t wear out like they do on Trimmer (due to applying too much pressure)


· Evenly weighted and balanced for any-and-all types of veggie cutting

· Widest blade of anything Cutco makes – easily transfer ingredients from cutting board to pot/pan

· Slicing thin, wide cuts of fruits and vegetables (known as ‘mandoline slicing’)

· Cubing hard vegetables, like squashes and potatoes for roasts or soups

· Uses: cut through thickest parts of carrots, zucchini, squash, smash/chop/mince/transport garlic

· Fun Fact: this knife was inspire by traditional Chinese vegetable cleavers


  • I’m sure you already have a drawer full of these… and that’s why you have a drawer full of these, because you haven’t found the best ones
  • Get rid of all your old ones and give them to your kids, give them to Goodwill, give them the Salvation Army, give them to a church
  • Put them in your camper or put them in your second home
  • Minimize your kitcen products: 6 gadgets that all work is better than 20 mix-and-match pieces that don’t work that great
  • All 99.9% approval rating – Cutco used to have garlic press but it had less than 99.9% approval rating so they stopped making it
  • Pampered Chef, OXO, Tupperware – those are good, but they are NOT forever
  • All of ours are dishwasher safe
  • Perfect for house warming gifts, stocking stuffers, graduation gifts, and engraved wedding gifts
  • If you break any of these, we’ll mail you a trophy because it doesn’t happen… And then we’ll send you a new one


• These blocks are made for your Cutco, designed perfectly for your Cutco, and they show off your Cutco

• These are hand cut and hand designed from Amish oak at Amish saw mills (same mills that make Amish furniture)

• When bundled with knives you can get them for a discount

• It’s like expensive furniture – buy it once and it lasts forever

• If knives are out of sight, they’ll be out of mind – you won’t use them as much if hidden in a drawer


• You already have one of these, but why not stop replacing it?

• Unlike a motorized version, there’s a Forever Guarantee on all our moving parts

• No sharp edges on the can after lid is removed

• Been testing it for years and is #1 selling gadget since it’s been released

• Old fashion style – goes on side of can instead of the tricky ones that go on top

• Sure grip handle, no sharp edges on opener, and a magnetic bulb that picks up lid

• Uses: pet food, soups, chili, beans, small/medium/#10 size cans

• Great for camping and gifts

• Fun Fact: most companies don’t normally lifetime guarantee things with moving parts since movement creates a much greater change of something breaking. Besides that, ‘lifetime guarantees’ are typically only 20 years (in the small print) – Cutco’s is truly FOREVER


• Original first generation cheese knife – made before the thermoresin version (now called ‘the original’)

• Only knife Cutco makes with soft grip handle

• Great for someone with weak hand strength (or a condition like carpal tunnel)

• Perfect for an indoor or outdoor bar

• Does it all and is less expensive than the other cheese knives

ALSO SEE: Cheese Knife (Original) above for additional uses


• Only board that money can buy that are made in America and guaranteed forever

• Have natural juice grooves for things like tomatoes, pineapples, or when letting meat rest

• Come standard with biggest sets

• Cutco will replace rubber pegs on them

• Small for cutting something on fly, medium for use all the time, large for pizza or watermelon

• Lines after use are good: it means the knife is winning not the board (Soap, water, vinegar to clean)

• You don’t park a new car on gravel or dirt, so show knives respect they deserve

Fun Fact: cut lines on cutting board are good – it means the knife is winning & not the board


• Made from thick stainless steel and thin plated chrome

• Cuts through even the most frozen ice cream

• The edges are thin and the metal doesn’t frost over quickly like other scoops

• It has a “comfort grip” handle – you would need to have super powers to snap this thing

• Handle is angled upwards, so no ice cream gets on the counter when it’s set down

• Resting ledge when you put it down – it won’t roll over

• One of few scoops that has a point so you can get into corners

• Can also use it for taking seeds out of squash, cantaloupe, cucumbers, and pumpkin

• Fun Fact: if you put an ice cube in the scoop at room temperature, it’ll melt before your eyes


• #1 rated peeler in the world

• Most expensive and best peeler you’ll ever buy

• Can peel backwards and forwards

• Uses: carrots, potatoes, kiwis, mangoes, cucumbers, papaya

• Can also use tip to pit cherries

• Removable blade if you ever need to scrub it

• Fun Fact: you can peel a grape or tomato with it


• Beveled edge that doesn’t bend or wobble when you push

• Trademark removable blade for easy cleaning

• Uses: perfect size naan and pita slices for hummus; cut pancakes, celery, or pieces of potato; cut flour into strips for scones, pies, calzones; chop herbs for salads; easily goes through layers of veggies

• Fun Fact: not sharp, so kids can use it with things like play-doh


• Break apart for easy cleaning

• Dishwasher safe

• Great for cutting up boxes from frozen food, toy boxes, frozen food boxes

• Can cut up bacon raw or create perfect bite size chicken pieces


• Traditional, old-fashion style opener – some say it’s more romantic

• Also has bottle opener on the side for when you’re NOT feeling romantic 🙂

• Can stand upright on the counter without rolling or tipping

• Great gift for somebody that loves wine but would never treat themselves with a high quality opener

• Fun Fact: when closed it will sit nicely on counter (most openers have a screw always sticking out)


 Most overlooked thing in Cutco’s collection

 Most people have cheap stuff they bought or old stuff they never upgraded

 Can replace all your mid-low quality brand items with tools that last Forever

 Ours won’t bend or break or melt (unless handle is directly on burner)

 Great for entertaining

 Most commonly used with glass or ceramic serving dishes


• Includes Professional Spatula, Turn n’ Serve, and Slice n’ Serve


• The one thing most people don’t know we make

• Perfect length to hit back row without burning your skin (or arm hair)

• Tongs: sharp, wedge lock handle, great for gripping things like sausage and corn

• Fork: hot dogs, marshmallows, turning steaks

• Turner: burger flipping machine with leather lanyard for hanging

• Can leave them outside year around and they’ll last forever

• Great father’s day gift (unfortunately they cannot be engraved)


• Made for mixing and then serving side dish

• Sits nicely on side of pan

• Perfect for entertaining for holidays

• Slotted makes it great at getting veggies from water or meat from crockpot juice


• 5-pc includes: Slotted Spoon, Basting Spoon, Slotted Turner, Ladle and Mix-Stir

• 6-pc includes: Slotted Spoon, Basting Spoon, Slotted Turner, Ladle, Mix-Stir, and Potato Masher

• Not recommended on Teflon, but many customers use them on Teflon anyway – it’ll be fine if you’re gentle. If you’re looking to upgrade your cookware, we have pots and pans FAR superior to Teflon.


• Great for things like soup, punch, and chili


• Great for pancake or waffle mix because batter comes off easily

• Tap on side of bowl and contents being mixed will come right off

• Excellent to mix eggs

• Super easy to clean


• Sturdy and flat, so you can get mash all the way to the bottom of the bowl

• Uses: smash tomatoes for chili or push cooking bacon down when edges curl up


• Designed for cakers and bakers

• Bundles well

• Uses: icing cakes, reaching bottom of big jars from Costco or Sam’s Club, serving cookies/pizza


• Redesigned, so make sure you have this new one

• Sharpens all current knives

• Designed for home owner take make their full knives brand new

• Gets knives 90-95% sharp in home

• Great to keep in hunting bag


• Uses: serving apple pie, lasagna, cake, brownies

• Engraves great for a wedding gift


• Also known as pancake, burger, and omelet flipper

• Can use to scrape stainless pans if they’re charred or burnt


• Also known as fry pan tool for eggs

• Great for griddle cooking, including pancakes, and sauté onions and peppers well because it can chop them too

• Pick up food and cut it all at once (not sharp)

• Cleans char off pans really well (char is the burnt, black surface)

• As a baking tool: brownies, blondies, and square pieces of cake

WOOD HOLDER for KITCHEN TOOLS (For knives, see “BLOCKS’ above)

• Comes with utensil set

• Looks great next to knife sets

• Great way to clean out drawers


 Only garden tools that are guaranteed forever

 Same quality as Cutco

 Rated by Home & Garden Industry as #1 trusted garden tools

 Holds 300 pounds of torque pressure without bending or breaking

 Yellow accents make them easy to find in messy soil (or in the dark)

 Steel goes all the way to the bottoms of the handles

 You can drive over them with a car and they won’t break (not recommended of course 🙂


• Sturdy enough for dry, hard, caked, rocky, ground

• Strong, pointed claws – you won’t cut yourself, but they’re sharp enough that Cutco wraps them in plastic when you take them out of the box

• Great for to rake dry soil or dead grass where animal urine has killed it


• Keep everything in one spot

• Pockets to add gloves, fertilizer, seeds

• Great Mother’s Day gift or gift for anyone who gardens


• 4-pc includes: Cultivator, Weeder, Transplanting Trowel and Garden Trowel

• 5-pc with free bag includes: Cultivator, Bypass Pruners, Weeder, Transplanting Trowel and Garden Trowel


• Approved by florists

• Can cut through a stem that’s dime-size or smaller

• Little notch at base of blade made to snip a wire

• Fun Fact: these pruners will cut celery and potato very smoothly

TROWEL (Garden and Transplanting)

• Has a thin point to dig into hard soil, rock, or clay

• Measuring stick on the scoop so you can measure how far you’re planting

• Great for planting flowers and installing bird houses / sprinkler heads

• Strong enough to dig a hole for a mailbox and mix concrete all-in-one

• Wont rust or pit, even if left out overnight

• Two different sizes: garden size (big) & transplanting size (small) – and again, all garden tools are Forever Guaranteed


• Excellent at getting to the roots

• Metal goes all the way down through the handle, so nearly impossible to bend


 Only outdoor knives that are guaranteed forever

 Only company that lets you field test them when they’re new


• Best hunting knife to start off with

• Rubber handle ensures hand won’t slip if bloody, slimy, or cold

• Beyond hunting, a year round essential knife

• Black is a great color for people in law enforcement, who like to camp, or have motorcycles

• Orange is great color for hunters so it can be easily spotted if dropped

• Engraves well with family member names, last names, nicknames, farm names, military unit names, or even a quote like “one shot, one kill”


• Made with highest grade of steel

• Will go through 3 moose / 7-10 deer

• Longest sharpness of hunting knife on market

• Send them in right after or right before hunting season for optimal performance

Double D edge: great for gutting, cutting through bones, joints, rib cage


• Coolest gadget knife Cutco makes: has belt loop, line cutter for rope / twine, and a gripper if grandkids don’t want to hold the fish for a picture

• Pliers are very sturdy and can also help remove hook deep in mouth

• Can fillet fish right on the board with the adjustable blade

• The blade is pressure released and creates a pressure lock when opened

• 6” good for small bait fish

• 7-8” good for trout or snappers

• 9” good for salmon or cat fish

• Only fillet knife on market that’ll be sharp forever (Cutco will sharpen or replace it)

• Can buy extra blades to have on hand for long fishing trips

• Can also be used as meat processing knife to remove the silver skin on a tenderloin or back strap


• Divot tool to clean out grooves of clubs

• Little knife to cut cigar

• Great for golf lovers, charity events, stocking stuffer


• Zipper down and open up skin easily without puncturing bladder on animal

• Great for farm field work too – can remove ear tags on cattle/hog

Double D edge: great for cutting hay bales, net, wrap, twine

Smooth edge: great for intricate skinning and gutting


• Deluxe/trophy knife that engraves well

• Most expensive but nicest hunting knife

• Great as a gift – to honor somebody with a legacy, to celebrate a first hunt, to pass down to children


• Most trusted military combat knife

• Goes back 115 years – used to be on the bayonet when soldiers were storming the beaches of Normandy in WWII in World War II

• Classic collector’s piece and is great for displays

• Perfect for anyone who camps – the base of handle can be used to hammer stakes in ground

• Fits great in glove box, safe, or gun cabinet

• Only Ka-Bar with a Cutco Double D edge

• Great gift for people who have served in military, are retiring, or want a memorabilia piece


• Only knife that can come with two handle options

• Green color is great for the Zombie lover

• Black color is great for law enforcement or people who have license to carry

• Handle has same material as 9mm hand gun

• Easier to conceal than the Ka-Bar Explorer

• Year around use as a chisel


• Biggest, best, most versatile Pocket Knife Cutco makes

• Sturdy and essential clip to hang on belt

• Great for handyman, ranchers, farmers, electricians, mechanics, construction workers

• Only knife that will last longer than a box cutter or even a pocket knife from reputable brand

• Double D edge is great for tape, leather, cardboard, plastic – anything you put it up to, it’ll cut

• Can also pry/saw and it won’t bend or break

• Engraves well for gifts


• Lightest pocket knife Cutco makes

• Looks small or weak but material and quality will last lifetime

• Great for key chains, purses, or pockets


• Leather filled (no plastic fill)

• Protective unit inside

• Lasts a lifetime and is guaranteed by Cutco

• USA made

• Can be worn on belt