SC2 Resource Page

July 13-August 5th. Office goal = 350k+


 Here is a page that we will be updating and organizing our resources as a team so that we can dominate this push. Check back for updates and new tools to help you crush it! 

Click here for must listen goal and callback audio before push begins!!

Upcoming Events

August 2nd Phone Jam Event
August 2nd Optional Callback Workshop
August 5th 8AM Call Back PJ before conference
August 5th SC2 Conference
August 6th Optional: Morning Coaching with Trent Booth
August 8th Beach Day

Links & Documents

Note: For documents on drive go to file and “make a copy” so you can edit it on your own!

1. Names list builder: Use this to expand your names list and get more numbers to create way more opportunity for yourself.

2. Push Prep document: This it to help you plan and prepare for the push at the highest level.

3. Customer Note Spreadsheet Template: Use this template (or tweak it) to take notes on customers to be a professional and set up call backs. (Make sure to copy it over and have your own)

4. Emails & Social Media Post Templates: Use these templates to set yourself up for the push with another layer of opportunity.

 Social Media Image (Right Click & Save As):

Text Templates

Here are some text templates to help you finish the push strong and add another tool to create more demos. Make sure to edit them to fit you!

Had Demo But Needed To Reschedule
Hey its YOURNAME the annoying college kid that was over visiting with NAME. I am really sorry to bug you but I am really falling behind on my goal for the scholarship. I get credit just for doing the presentations and I need to do about 50 over the next 10 days just to have a shot at getting back on track.
I know you have a lot going on but if you could squeeze me in for 20 minutes it would mean the world to me. I am going to be in your area tomorrow and Tuesday. It could be the difference between me hitting my goal or falling short if you would be nice enough just to sit down with me! Would there be a time either of those days that might work? Thanks in advance :).


Spoke To, Call Back - Haven't Been Able To Contact
Hey THEIRNAME its YOURNAME the annoying college kid that was over with RECNAME. I know we never got a chance to figure out a time, but I am working really hard and am falling behind. It would really mean the world to me if we could figure out a time and I will make sure to keep it quick! I am actually going to be in your area over the next couple days. Is there any time you may be free for 20 minutes tomorrow or Tuesday for me to stop by real quick?


Social Media Message For Parent's #
Hey NAME, this is super random so feel free to ignore this lmaoo I get paid for my job to talk to parents so I was hoping I can get your mom or dads #? Lol
Past Customer / Call Back - No Answer
Hey NAME, it is YOURNAME the annoying college kid. I am really sorry to bother you but I am $653 away from my goal for the contest that ends Tuesday at NOON! I have never worked so hard for anything in my life. I promised myself that I would do everything I could to reach my goal, so I’m doing just that by reaching out to everyone and offering CRAZY DEALS.

I am going to be calling everyone tonight and tomorrow. Is there is a specific time where you would have a minute to speak real quick?


(Right click it and then “save image as”)


I’m actually in a HUGE contest right now that ends on June 15. I have a goal to do __ demos, which will put me in a position to sell $__. This is big goal, and it won’t be easy, but the reason why I’m working really hard for this contest period is… :


  • To lead by example and to position myself as a leader on the team.
  • To show my manager that I would love to be promoted to assistant manager.
  • To win some AWESOME prizes (Cabo!!!)
  • To put myself in a position to win a scholarship and graduate from school debt free.

SPEAKER NOTES ON REC SLIDE (LAST SLIDE OF THE PRESENTATION): By the way, if I’m close to my goal at the end of my contest, do you mind if I give you a call and see if there was anything you might wanna get?