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3 Way Text (973-294-1735)

Hey NAME! My manager is looking to fill a few work-from-home positions and asked me who may be a good fit. Not sure what your plans are, I just know you would do well so I just wanted to start a convo between the two of you so you can find a time to sit down and get more info.

Messaging People on Instagram / FB / Snapchat

Hey! I know I might’ve mentioned this before, but I wanted to reach out to see if you (or anyone you know) is looking for something new for winter break? The place I’ve been working at has a 1-5 week winter break work program with flexible schedules available. It’s all 100% work from home. If so, let me know and you can request an interview in less than a minute on www.StudentWorkNJ.com (If not, no problem) Stay healthy!

Interested / Not Interested

“I’m interested.”

Great! Here’s a link with more information and a brief form. You can request an interview in less than 1 minute: www.StudentWorkNJ.com

“Yea, I know some people that need work.”

Oh cool! Here’s a link that way they can get some info and request an interview for the position. www.StudentWorkNJ.com

“Not Interested”

No problem, take it easy and let me know if things change or if you know anyone looking for work feel free to pass along the link www.StudentWorkNJ.com

Other Questions / Responses

“What’s the job?”

Sure, so it’s entry level sales and customer service. Basically what someone would get paid to do is talk with customers (Phone/Zoom), presenting products, answering questions, and helping them place orders. Pretty simple stuff. Did you want me to send you a link so that you or your friends can apply?

“Where are you guys located?”

Our office is located in Boonton, but all of our team members are interviewing and training remotely (from home). After that, our reps usually work from home or in their area. Did you want me to send you a link so that you or your friends can apply?

What is the pay?

Great question. The starting pay is $17 base-appt with the opportunity to earn more based on performance (basically rewarding work ethic). We cover the full details of pay during the interview process though. Did you want me to send you a link so that you or your friends can apply?

“I’ll let my friends know” (but they don’t show interest in applying)

Thank you!!  Btw what do you have planned for this break? Idk if you’re a student but all of our students have a chance at different scholarships as well as internship experience to put on their resume.

(Then I send the next message as a back to back message) ~If you want, you can check out the link too and see if you like it. www.StudentWorkNJ.com

“What’s the name/product?”

It’s Cutco cutlery! It’s a bunch of stuff for the kitchen like pots and pans, flatware and kitchen knives. Haha the majority of our customers are moms/families lol and they love the stuff. Would you like me to send you a link where you can request an interview?

“What are the hours?”

The hours are flexible. We work with a lot of students who have different commitments for winter break.  So the schedule really depends on the applicant’s schedule. Would you like me to send you a link where you can request an interview?

“I already have a job.”

That’s cool.  The schedules are really flexible and we have a lot of people that work around other jobs.  Here’s the link to the application. Check it out if you need more hours at any point. www.StudentWorkNJ.com

“What’s the company (I didn’t see it in the description)”

The company is Vector which is the marketing and sales branch for Cutco. We are looking to fill several entry level sales and customer service positions. It is a great opportunity for students to build their resume with real world experience. The managers will be going over all the details during the interviews. Would you like me to send you a link where you can request an interview?

“What’s the scholarship/internship”

So the scholarship is based on performance with the company, but my friend John has received two the past two semesters and it’s pretty cool. The internships obviously vary college to college but I and other Endicott students were able to receive multiple credits. I was able to submit a summer position with the company, and a description of the position to my internship/co-op coordinator and it was approved. My manager told me more about it in the interview! Would you like me to send you a link where you can request an interview?

How flexible is the schedule?

We explain more details in the interview, but basically students are able to meet with a manager weekly to pick out the exact number of hours that works best for them. It was really easy for me to fit in all of the important time with my family and friends, and still be able to work when I wanted to! Would you like me to send you a link where you can request an interview?

“I’ll let my friends know.” (but they don’t show interest in applying)

Thank you so much! What I can do then is just give you the link for you or anyone of your friends to apply just in case. The company is taking applications on a first applied first considered basis.  www.StudentWorkNJ.com

Facebook Status

Hey all! 👋🏼 If you’re unsure about your Winter Break work opportunities, my office is accepting applications for work from home positions and we are interviewing THIS WEEK! We have fully remote (work from home) positions. All you need is a computer, internet, and a positive attitude 😊! $17 base/appt starting pay (guaranteed)
•Scholarships available (for students)
•Fun environment (over Zoom!)
•Create your own schedules Check us out and Apply today!
(More info in link below!) 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

Class Emails

Title: Student Work Opportunity / Looking for a job?

Hey Class! My manager Owen owns a business in Morris County and we work mostly with students, so when he asked me if I knew anyone that was looking for part-time work around school, I figured I would just forward the info out to my class. Starting pay is $17, it’s super flexible so you can work over break and/or around classes. We also have short-term 1-5 week Winter Break positions available. Go to www.StudentWorkNJ.com for more info and to apply. Hope this helps!