Weekly Results & Goals

To help us stay better organized and to make sure as a team we are setting our goals and creating a weekly plan please sit down every Tuesday and enter your results from the week before and map out your plan for the next week. Spend 5 minutes today mapping out your schedule & plan for the week so you can be more clear on what you can create.

For representatives resources including a schedule click here or visit www.MorrisMayhem.com/rep

  • Part 1: Important Reminders

    Quick important reminders.
  • This is one of the most important things you can do for yourself for success, piece of mind and to be a professional. Link to schedule and resources at top of page!
  • Make sure you have in your schedule that the team meeting is Weds night from 6:30-10!
  • Part 2: Past Week Report (Tuesday-Monday)

    These results are based on Tuesday-Monday.
  • How many calls did you make this past week?
  • How many demos did you book this past week?
  • How many demos did you complete this past week?
  • How many orders did you enter this last week?
  • What is your total CPO from the last week?
  • Just from this past week.
  • Part 3: Next Week Goals (Tuesday-Monday)

    What will you create this week (Tuesday-Monday)?
  • How many calls are you going to make this week?
  • How many demos would you like to complete this week? **PLEASE UPDATE QUEUE WITH YOUR DAILY GOALS ASAP!**
  • How many orders will you create this week?
  • How much CPO will you create this week?
  • How many recs are you going to aim to create on these presentations?
  • If there is anything you have a question about or something we should know or any ideas you have for us please share!